Saturday, March 7, 2009


So we were watching heroes and Maria turns to Curt:

M: It would be SO COOL if you had a secret superpower!

Curt leans toward Maria and whispers conspiratorially:

C: Iiiii soooolve Sodokuuuuuuu puzzles.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maria wins the recycling war!

7-3 vote makes trash/recycling service mandatory
(Heck of a day to dress down, huh?)

Maria Stokes, a trash-bag user, spoke in support of the trash ordinance Monday evening at the Jefferson City Council meeting in City Hall. (Stephen Brooks/News Tribune)

Published: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 3:54 PM CST
"The Jefferson City Council approved a controversial contract for trash-hauling and single-stream recycling Monday night.

The decision came at the behest of citizens eager to divert an estimated 12,000 tons of trash annually from the city's landfill, and over the objections of residents who oppose mandatory trash service and fear it's too expensive for many households."

What can I say? The media loves me!

I was also quoted at last Thursday's meeting!
(Quote to follow once I get my hands on the paper-paper)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crazy mom moment...

So Anna has a cold and decided that she wanted no part of the lunch I made her.
Me: "Fine, you can get down but Momma is FINISHING her lunch, okay?" "Momma is going to be ALL DONE with her lunch while you play!" (Repeated several times so the itty bitters understands).

She got it.

For five seconds.

A: "Waaaaahhhh. Mommommmmommmmm." (Repeat)

I. just. wanted. to. eat. my lunch.

So I did the only logical thing....

I handed my daughter a screwdriver.

Now I know the not-yet-moms and the moms of older children (who have forgotten this) out there are scoffing. But the moms of toddlers get this.

There was a screwdriver on the table (from one of many attempts to resurrect a humidifier). There was still food on my plate. A likes to "fix" things. A+B=C.

(Earlier attempts to "fix" the vacuum)

And you know what? I got down to the last 5 bites IN PEACE. She didn't poke her eye out. And her push cart got a much needed tune up.

So there.