Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mommy My Leg Hurts!!!

Anna, Lily, and JJ,

All 3 of you have now had a time when you faked inoperable legs.

I'm not talking about your typical toddler boneless legs when they don't want to do something... I'm talking about standing in one spot, fake crying, insisting that you can't walk (but running when someone mentions candy!)

Your dad and I have NO IDEA what it's about but all of you, independently, without knowing the other did it, faked that your legs didn't work.

You dad and I just laughed last night when JJ did it.  We couldn't believe all three of you came up with this!!!

We love you all!

All Threes with the Ones and Twos!!!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we potty trained JJ.

I used the same 3-Day method as with Lily, and he had it down within about 2 days!

Just like Lily, he's not going to be perfect for a while, but he's doing a great job!

We've had some major, major issues with part of it (I won't go into the gross details) but as of today I feel safe saying we're on track!

Go JJ!!!