Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You don't say...

Anna's language is so developed now, but luckily there are a few cute things she still says in a baby-ish way:

Ice Crispies
Strawberry Courtcake
Intersering! (Interesting)
And many more!

And every morning and nap she greets us with this cheerful saying,
"Mommy I waked up happyyyyyyyy!" as her way of telling us she is awake.

Also, for many months she will ask out of the blue:
"So what (how) was your day?"
Some days she'll randomly ask this several times a day. Often it's when we sit down to eat.
Is this girl too cute or what?

A funny story about that saying: Granny, Ben and Molly were here for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We were at church and Granny kept telling Anna to "hush" and vice versa. It was time for a quick hymn so Granny began singing. Anna whispers loudly, "Gwanny, hush. No talking!"
Granny explained, "It's OK, we can talk right now." And as the music quit and the church was silent Anna exclaimed loudly:
"Oh! Well, what was your day?"

The other day, this randomly came out of her mouth:
"You know what I love you about?
For taking care of me!
You know what else I love you about?
When things don't go qwuite right!?

Has there ever been a sweeter lady?

Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend our dear friends Sean and Lisa came to visit with their adorable 2 month-old, Aidan.

They helped us rip up our yucky living room carpet. Well to be honest. Curt was at work so essentially Sean and Michelle's husband, Tim, ripped up the carpet by themselves! How's that for good friends?

The transition from carpet back to wood flooring echoed a reminder of the OTHER transition we will have come January: the transition from an independent and communicative nearly 3 year-old back to having a newborn in the house.

I'm not sure about Curt but I was equal parts horrified and endeared by the amount of work a newborn brings. I can't wait to welcome the newest member of our family. Or as mom says, the newest "Stoklet". But I am not a fool this time around! I know the changes it will bring.
If you will all forgive me my temporary loss of sanity come January, my cluttered house and my desperate need for sleep I would appreciate it!

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures:

Bye bye dirty old carpet!

Can you tell where we walked most often?
DESPITE the fact that I vacuumed all the time and this carpet has been steam cleaned twice since we moved in!

Oh lovely wood floors, why would anyone cover you up?

Ahhh. New living room!
Cricket purrs her approval.
(Sadly, the idiot that I am forgot to take pictures of PEOPLE this weekend so this is the only shot I have with Lisa and His Little Highness in it. I apologize for not showing you his utter cuteness!)

The floors are not in perfect shape but then again, neither are it's owners! :-)

Oh Boy! It's a girl!

Subtitled: Think Pink!

Another belated post:
Anna is going to have a baby sister!

Despite the fact that I was convinced I was having a boy, nature proved me wrong.
I hate to be wrong. But it was such a neat surprise and I was thrilled.
Two girls!
We have truly broken the Stokes' boy tradition.

Anna, MiMi and Papa all got to come get a look at the kiddo after Curt and I found out.
Anna squealed, "She's so beeeutiful!" and I thought the ultrasound lady was going to break into tears.

The baby's profile in the ultrasound looked EXACTLY like Anna's did at 20 weeks. I wish I could prove it but all the lady sent me home with were pictures of the ....ah.....gender (more than was necessary to take) and the front pictures where they all look like skeletons/aliens. Not exactly scrapbook material.

Oh well. You can all meet the real thing come January.
Congrats to Anna on her baby sister!

Uncle Kevin's Graduation!

(A very belated post. Pretend it's still August. And you are sweltering. And pools are still open.)

Here are pics of our trip to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma to see Uncle Kevin graduate from basic training. He was happy to see us but looked a bit shell shocked to have us all there vying for his attention. While there, we ate lots of good food and got to see the nature reserve and the top of Mount Scott, where we took pictures per Grandpa's request.

It was also the first big trip in the "mom van" and it did not have cruise control as the dealership ordered the wrong part. Poor Curt!

Enjoy the pics:
Uncle Kevin's Graduation

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So here I am...

Curt is at a "AG retreat" at the Lake.
Anna drove off with Granny in my mom van for a few days in St. Louis.

It's just me.
And the cats.

When I wake up It will be just me.
And the cats.

I morphed from anxiety to awe.
Learning to be NOT the mom is weird.
I think I'll like it for a day or two.
But only for a few.
I need my treasure back.
My snugly bear.
My Anna Banana.

Until then. I will silence the voices in my head, "Did I remind mom that Anna wraps blankets around her head?" "Did I remind her someone needs to take her potty in the middle of the night?" "Did I?"

And I will sit back in a house that STAYS CLEAN because I'm the only one in it.
And watch GLEE

And try not to miss them!

Swagger Wagon

Here is a belated announcement:

After a year of saving money and test driving sexy SUVs over and over
(including a hot hybrid 7 seater that brought tears to my eyes)
the universe tilted and through strange circumstances I ended up purchasing...

wait for it....

a van.
Yes. The thing I swore I'd never drive. The overrated, gas guzzling, cliche'd, deidedly unsexy
mark. of. a. mom.

Not only is it a van, it is the most vanny of vans: A Dodge Caravan
No bells and whistles.
Not even tinted window to give me cool points.
But check this, I financed this bad boy (a 2007 with a mere 32,000 miles) for $3000.
How's that for rockin' budgeting?
And luck?

And how do I feel about driving this decidedly unsexy mark-of-a-mom?

Seriously. I can't imagine how I ever got Anna (my tall child and my tall self) into and out of a car with doors that opened... out... (scoff). How did Anna ever enjoy her ride without sitting high
and proud in the seat behind me?
I truly don't know how I will ever again NOT drive a van. I mean it.

Anna loves the "Mom Van" every bit as much as I do. That girl owns that car, know what I mean?

I love it so much I wanted to share a video with you as a tribute to all the "mom vans" out there.

And yes it's true:
"I rock in my GC, not an SUV
And it's true if I were you
I'd be jealous of me too!

In my swagger wagon
Yea my swagger wagon.
In my swagger wagon."