Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anna at the Theater

OK - really at a Parents as Teachers Theater Night but she enjoyed herself and watched each of the 6 "plays" with rapt attention while mommy had beautiful images of future trips to the Fox, the Muny, and the Miller Center with her little lady.

Molly and Ben's Visit for the Weekend!

We were so lucky to have Molly and Ben come for the WHOLE weekend.
They got here early on Friday and we had tons of fun while the weather was nice pretending to camp, playing on Anna's new swing set, and generally running amok. We also tasted the delights of the famous Central Dairy (for ice cream) and spent some time at Riverside Park.

On Saturday, the weather was nasty as promised. We spent quality time at home having dance parties and book reading marathons. We also enjoyed RiRi's borrowed "mom car" (a 2008 Ford Freestyle/Tarus....ahem....because you were all wondering...) and it took all 6 of us easily out to Leap Frog to do some bouncing and in Anna's case some moments of feared drowning in the ball pit: "AHHHHHHHH" (screaming as she disappears beneath the balls and later yelling, "Ders too many people in here! Ders too many people in heeeeerrreee!" as Molly and Ben attempted to climb in with her in the otherwise empty ball pit). Then we ate some yummy El Jimador with Stacy Turpin and visited late into the evening!

Today was filled with more general running amok. During the ladies (and Curt's) nap Riri and Ben got some special time together at Binder Lake (throwing rocks in the water. Throwing every stick we saw into the water. Throwing rocks AT the sticks. Throwing leaves - pretend boats - in the water. Throwing rocks at the leaves.) Then, he and I headed to the library to thaw out.

We are so sad to lose our favorite company but hope you enjoy the collection of pictures:

Molly and Ben Visit


Happy Second Day of Spring!

Here's a reminder of what you probably aren't missing:
(Photos from Feb 5th, 2010)

Pretend it is December 1st, 2009

And that I actually posted this right after her birthday...



What a difference one year and another candle on that fantastic hat make?!?
What a cutie!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Conversations on the living room floor..

Anna is lying on the floor with her purple PJ's and pink snow boots having a conversation with her animals and her finger pets.
Here are the things that run through her mind:

"No no, dis is youw home.'

"And dis is youw frwend?"

"Hallo Daddy yion (lion)"

"What you deam (dream) about daddy yion'

"He wiw go in time out!"

"Let's go see Anna's wowk (work), yion!" - she just ran into her room to "work"
What a nut!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Curt and I are, what my brother Russell would sneer at, domesticated.

We are both dancing around.
With separate headphones and music.
Me cleaning, happily.
Curt slicing, dicing, frying, and boiling chicken.
(We are starting to follow Aunt Em's good example and only buying meat that "had a good life.")

Well, the only chicken I have so far found in Jefferson City that remotely meets this criteria is the organic free-range chicken at Walmart.
A WHOLE chicken.
Filled with stuff that fills chicken.
With smaller breasts (so very Un-Hollywood) that didn't grow so big the poor stupid thing couldn't walk and isn't laced with "rib meat" (whatever the heck THAT is).

Just looking at the mound of raw meat would've been enough to send me flying out to buy the first BAG of processed chicken I could find and who cares if the darn thing never saw daylight it's a giant bag for $6.99 and rib meat sounds healthy and my aren't these large breasts? (If I had a penny.... just kidding).

Enough about chicken.

The thing is, THIS is what makes/keeps us happy. Happily doing domesticated stuff. Stopping every once in a while for a quick kiss or story. Making our little house/world better. Anna is snoozing in her "tobbler bed". (Oops, just realized I didn't tell the story of that transition. Will do so soon.) We are blessed and happy with what we have despite the fact that our bank account is dangerously low. Again. A few days in to the pay period.

We are NOT going out to drink or dance like other 30ish people I have seen in the two (yes only two) times I've been in a bar in the past year. It was the SAME group of post-frat-party-lost my mojo in college-don't know how to get on with life gang. Both times. In the bar.
That is not a life.

I'll tell you what a life is.
A beautiful daughter safe, healthy and happy in bed.
The Beatles, Micheal Jackson, and music from Slumdog Millionaire on the SAME playlist.
Finishing My Sister's Keeper today for the second time.
Curt making mock moaning sounds when he eats the chicken liver he just fried and acting like I'm uncultured for not taking a bite.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom car

Check out my new poll! If you get this over email, you'll have to visit my actual blog to vote!

I've been saving money for a mom car and we don't have enough to buy one yet, but I'm dreaming of the day I roll around in a hot mom car! No more bumping Anna and I's head on the way in. Room for the stroller or groceries. Not being the "little man" on the road.


In reality, we really can't afford one yet. Plus, nearly ALL of the time, it's only me and Anna hot rodding it. Why do I need anything other than a car? There's no guarantee that we'll have another little kiddo any time soon. Plus, I hate, hate, hate the idea of going DOWN in gas mileage (and I was very unimpressed with the Ford Escape Hybrid I test drove.)

I'm torn.


Taking a cue from Auntie Em...

Figured I would take a few minutes to share a few things that Anna has been saying:

She likes to say, "Don't you dare" now. Can't imagine where she ever heard that (innocent look).
She says it all. the. time. now...
"Donchoo dawe take my gwapes!"
"Donchoo dawe jeweous (Julius the cat)"

Whenever Anna pretends to take her temperature, her temperature is always "19 pounds"!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daddy asked Anna to draw a face yesterday. With absolutely no help, this is what she drew.

She is 2 years old!