Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more cute thing...

Since last weekend, Anna has been pretending to fall down. She'll say, "Oh no! Anna fall down, momma!" and lay there until I scoop her up and save her. Who knows what's that about and why but who cares! I think it's adorable.

Anna, I'll save you every time!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Happy 2nd Birthday, my darling Anna! We had a wonderful weekend visit with Auntie Em, Uncle Aaron, Molly and Ben! It did this mommy's heart good to spend the whole weekend with them. The kids spent the whole weekend together and besides the occasional toddler brawl, really played well together and enjoyed each others' company. Plus, the weather cooperated and we got to take them to the nature center and play outdoors. Plus, Uncle Aaron got to put his sensitive taste buds to use and sample the wares at Prison Brews and visit with Stacy T., "Miss Stacy", while Saint Mimi babysat all three kiddos. (Thankfully, they were all asleep).

Anna's birthday was Cinderella themed and she had a blast. In attendance were:
Princess Molly
Prince Ben
Princess Sophie
Prince Harper
plus many other royal attendees as you will see in the following clip.

Here is a video of her receiving the best present ever!: (Notice the look of complete overwhelm on that girl's face!)

Here is some good footage of the royal highness eating her gorgeous and delicious cupcakes!:

Click on this link to find good pics of her birthday plus some cute ones from Granny's house last weekend:
Anna's Second Birthday

I had to super size the following picture. Anna had a cough the night Em and Aaron were coming in town but we had planned to make Ben and Anna roomies. We decided to put Anna in our room instead due to her cough. We got all the kiddos settled and visited downstairs. I went upstairs to go to bed and opened the door (thankfully slowly and quietly) and it bumped into something...
Anna Banana had rolled out of the bed and fell asleep on the floor. She didn't even open her eyes when the door bumped her. Poor pumpkin. I put her back in bed and 20 minutes later heard: shuffle, shuffle, shuffle...plop. She was back on the floor. So we gave up the little toddler bed experiment and put her back in her room, where she slept fine... off the floor.
I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity:



Subtitle: This girl loves her Mimi.

This is a short, but cute video of what happens when Mimi takes Anna shopping and Anna looks out the car window when the car stops to find out that Mimi took her HOME! Oh the insult! Anna thought she was going to Mimi's house, poor girl!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Speaking of words:

Auntie Em recently posted about Miss Molly Moose's language explosion so I thought I'd put a word in about Anna's language. There's no way I could list all her words. She says everything. At least once a day I hear a word that I'm clueless where she learned it. At Granny's this weekend, she said words EVERY MOM wants to hear first thing in the morning (NOT) : "Anna dink Ginny's Toffee, mama!" (Anna drank Granny's coffee, Mama!). And today at lunch: "Yucky, Yucky. Anna no like dat, Mommy!" stated about the meal she ate just fine last time it was presented to her highness.

This girl is a sponge. Here is a cute video of her "reading" Hop on Pop.

Finally, I'd like to write down some of the things she says that are too cute to be forgotten:

One-an = Another one
Tiss = Kiss (also followed by "pip" from Mr Brown Can Moo")
Tittens = Kittens
Paingens = Penguins
Lella = Cinderella (although this is morphing into Cinta-lella)
Ticket = Cricket
Ello Thing = When she is in a good mood (which is much of the time), she'll talk to things she sees around her. When she doesn't know the word for something, she'll say "hi" anyway and just call it "thing". Too cute.
6-14-8 = Anna's counting. She'll count up to ten if prompted but when counting something on her own, it's always 6-14-8!

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

So we were at Red Lobster the other night (thank goodness for MiMi) and Anna is her usual rowdy self. To occupy her, Curt is having her look at things out the window:
C: "Do you see it?"
A: (silently looking out)

...Then Curt smells something (not unusual with a toddler) and peeks inside her diaper since she is standing on the seat next to him and says:
C: "Anna, did you go poo poo?"

The waitress about drops her tray laughing.
It took us a minute to get over the fits of giggles to figure out that Anna said : "Oh. I. See. It." about something outside but in very quick toddler speak it came out = ohiseeit = oh shit!

Too funny!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just surviving a Monday!

Here's an old video I never got around to editing. Here we are at home. In our diaper. Surviving a Monday:

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had an amazing weekend!

We trick-or-treated at Tim's work on Thursday. Then Thursday night we went to a too-scary-for-a-toddler work party for my work. Anna took one look at the blasting rap music, strobe lights and teenagers dancing, went rigid, and started howling. Poor Curt had to take her out to Mel's Cafe to share a fish sandwich with her while I attended the party. We even tried to coax her back in with candy after she ate and she grabbed the candy, pointed to the door and shouted, "GO HOME! GO HOME!" Poor pumpkin.

Then on Friday, we trick-or-treated at Mimi and Curt's work with Sophie and both girls were just dolls. Then on to trick-or-treating at "Miss Kim's" and Grandma's then home for some yummy red beans and rice (plus fried green tomatoes - thank you very much). Both girls were fried on candy and cracked us up doing somersaults on the living room floor.

Saturday, we road the "haunted train" to St. Louis to Granny's. Anna was so pleasant on the train and both Curt and I actually enjoyed the trip! After nap, we went to Auntie Em's house to eat some more yummy food and trick-or-treat down on "haunted hill" in South City. They do it up right down there! LOTS of decorations and fun. And as an added bonus, CJ, Mary, and Kayla joined us for a bit. Then, the three kids ran around Auntie Em's house fueled on sugar and chocolate and fun. At one point, they were all three shut in Em's hallway screaming "ECHO" at the top of their lungs. It was hilarious! Then the grown ups went to a wine party at cousin Cory's house and Sheila AGAIN went over the top on fancy food. The wine was yummy too!!!

Bless her heart, despite going to bed at 9:30pm Anna was a doll on Sunday. We went to Auntie Em's and Uncle Aaron's church to hear them sing then ate a yummy roast at Granny's and even got to play outside for a bit. Anna was even sweet on the very bumpy train ride home.

I couldn't get enough of her this weekend.

Check out these pics. They include not only pumpkin carving last weekend, our awesome pumpkin, trick-or-treating at Mimi's work and on Haunted Hill, but also an awesome shot of all three kids flying Sunday afternoon! Enjoy:
Halloween 2009