Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interview with Anna, Age 5

Interview with Anna, age 5

Here is an interview with Anna, age 5.

What is your:
1) Favorite color? All the colors in the world.
2) Favorite book? The one with Prince Aidan and Shiver.
3) Favorite movie? I think all the movies I can watch.
4) Favorite food? Spaghetti and MacNCheese
5) Least favorite food? Ummmmmmm....I don’t like peppers and mushrooms.
6) Favorite fruit? Apple.
7) Favorite vegetable? Pear.
8) Least favorite vegetable? Squash. I don’t like squash.
9) Favorite TV show? Dino Dan
10) Favorite song? Alejandro (Lady Gaga)
11) Favorite thing to do with mom? Snuggle
12) Favorite thing to do with dad? Snuggle
13) Favorite game to play with friends? I don’t know. There’s still more games waiting for me.
14) Favorite store? The one that I can push the cawts.
15) Favorite sport? Basketball
16) Favorite bible story? Joseph and Mary
17)Favorite place to go? To the library.
18) Favorite restaurant? Red Lahmsters!
19) Favorite toy? I don’t renember.
20) Favorite thing to do with Elizabeth? Play!
21) Favorite drink? Hot chocolate with marshmallows!
22) Favorite thing to do at school? Play with Cayden.
23) Favorite thing to do outside? Play spirit (horse)
24) What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know yet.
25) What can you do now that you are 5? I can do more big girl stuff.  Cause I’m 5, I know there’s more things I can do than 4 year-olds.  
26) Who is your best friend? All my friends that I can even meet.
27) What is mom's job? Going to work.
28) What is dad's job? Going to work.
29) What does mom always say? I love you!
30) What does dad always say? I don’t know.
31) What is your nickname? Anna Banana
32) What makes you laugh? When daddy plays silly stuff with me.
33) What makes you sad? When somebody hits me and when I have to go from Mya’s and Sophie’s and school (when Courtney does mean stuff to me)
34) What are you thankful for? Of you and the world and even people I don’t know. I’ll give up some of my money for the poor people.
35) What does mom love about you? My smile.

Then I asked if she had questions for me:
Why do you ask me questions a lot?
Why don’t you want to have a haircut?
Why is Mya’s dog named poop?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sleep Happenings

So the girls can be funny sleepers! Observe:
 It was Anna's turn with the "Friendship Book" for school.  She fell asleep ON it!

 When Elizabeth was too quiet for a bit, I went in to find that she tucked herself into Anna's bed and was helping herself to Anna's "night night water."

I guess it's more interesting than her bed, where her only entertainment is zippers.  

Sometimes even friends snooze when they are over.  Here is Mya, the neighbor girl, who can't quite keep up with Anna!


 Elizabeth was not a fan of the goop!

 Guess who was?

 At Anna's school party.

 Two Minis and a Princess Leia trick or treated at Miss Kim's house.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

(P.s. Anna's joke for the year: "Where does the mummy take his mail?  To the GHOST office!")