Monday, December 20, 2010

Just thinking...

If the brawny man were actually brawnier...
And got rid of his new (as of 2003) clean-shaven look...

He might actually look like this guy...

Uncle Johnny, you can clean up our spills, anytime! ;-)


Here are some photos of Anna's 3rd birthday extravaganzas!
She was a very gracious and patient party girl during all 3 (yes, not a typo) parties.

The first party was at Mimi's house and she shared her party with Charlie Mae, who turned 1 in October. While she was happy to share her party, she was not so interested in sharing toys, either hers OR Charlie's. Aunt Nana was very nice and bought her her own set of dishes as she refused to let Charlie play with her own at Thanksgiving! Thank goodness Charlie Mae is a patient girl. Don't worry Charlie, next year Anna will be an expert at sharing!

Birthday Hat Cheese!

More Birthday Hat Cheese!

"Helping" Charlie Mae open her gifts. Then helping herself to Charlie Mae's toys.

A cake made out of ice cream? Was that Uncle Joshy's idea?

She then had a party with the Sides clan:

Two Thumbs Up Cheese!

She is getting good at that!

Ben and Molly are patiently watching Anna open gifts.

Wow! A magic princess book? Thanks, Granny!

Finally, the party girl got a party thrown by mommy and mommy's friend Corinne at home so she could celebrate with her friends. Sadly, only Sohpie made the party as Anna's birthday happens to fall during cold and flu season and everyone else was under the weather. Thanks for representing, Sophie! Luckily, Baby Salem was able to stop by later on. The party was "Tea Party" themed and included "Pin the Lid on the Teapot" and sugar cube stacking.

I LOVE princess cakes!

The girls were good at stacking (and not actually eating) the sugar cubes

Good aim, Sophie!

The birthday princess, all tuckered out in a new dress up outfit from Miss Kim!

Thanks for everyone's effort and the lovely gifts. Anna didn't get thank-you cards out this year because her mommy dropped the ball but know that everything was appreciated!!!