Monday, April 26, 2010

More conversations...

Anna this morning waking up in the "trib" (crib) at "Dranny's" (Granny's) House:
A: "My name is Anna!
I like to sing!"
Spoken only to herself. She's always happy when she wakes up. What a blessing to be a little ray of sunshine!

Tonight as I was putting her to bed:
M: 'I'm going to get ready for night-night. Good night sweetie!"
A: "Whachoo dweam about?" (What are you going to dream about?)
M: "Well! I don't know. I'll probably dream about our train ride!"
(We had just ridden home from Granny's)
A: 'And I'm dunna dwean about a HELICOPTER RIDE!!!!"

Where does this girl get this stuff?

Another thing she says often"
A: "Whoa that wuth a prize!" (Whoa, that was a surprise!)
But how fitting that she says prize? Because.... isn't that sometimes true?

Another thing: "I'm so cited!" [excited]

My girl!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A message from Miss Kim...

Hi Maria,

I wanted to “officially” note this precious, precocious act of kindness that I witnessed Anna perform…

to go into her “permanent record.” ;)

On Thursday, April 1, Anna and her Mommy, and Michelle and Sophie and “Miss Kim”

took Michelle’s van to Michelle and Maria’s plot of land down by the river “rented”

from Jeff City to garden. Miss Kim came to “garden sit” two and ½ year olds Anna and Sophie

so their Moms’ could till the ground and start planting their vegetable garden and I could enjoy the time

with all of them on a beautiful day.

Michelle packed a bright, primary colored, red, blue, yellow

mini-tent for the kidlets to play in and get some relief from the sun.

Michelle also brought along a portable potty which worked out great for

the little ones.

When we arrived at the plot I (Miss Kim) had given each of the four a plastic Easter egg with

three little chocolate candies and a written blessing inside. Easter was April 4 this year.

Anna was skilled at taking the colored foil off of the chocolates. Sophie handed one

then another of hers to me to unwrap for her.

Michelle set up the tent and I had a camping chair near the tent.

Anna and Sophie played together harmoniously. Anna was going back and forth

to Michelle’s van which was parked nearby. I was following Anna when she went to the van.

I think she’d eaten the candies from her Easter egg, but she found a Hershey’s

Crunch chocolate egg in the back of the van. She carried it

to the side door of the van, where she stood a minute and unwrapped it. Anna

then eased herself down the long step out of the van to the ground, walked about

15 feet over the Sophie, and gave the chocolate egg to her friend Sophie.

Love and peace,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler observations

Today, out of the blue, Anna points out this gem as she walks through the living room,"

"Ben has a yong (long), yong, yong bottom."

This is stated very matter-of-factly and includes appropriate hand gestures to illustrate Ben's type of "bottom".

What do you say as a mom but, "Ummmm. Yep."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What made my day...

After a very long day and while sorting through a week and a half of unread email, I cam across THIS beauty waiting for me....

THANKS SARAH AND MIKE (bet you didn't know Curt could dance like this)!

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