Monday, August 4, 2014

Lady Lily

Lily is at an amazingly cute stage with how she talks, the "big girl" things she tries, and the looks she gives.

She is a perfect mish mash of baby, girl and even sometimes adult.  She gives these crazy teenagery looks already that we know we will see much more of in a couple of years.  She somehow already knows how to use those big eyes to her advantage!

She is working really hard to say all things correctly but luckly still keeps some sweet mispronunications:
"I wanna be a superhurro"
"zay zay" is JJ
"Baby broller" (With his size, he IS a broller)
"Pucess" is princess
"I need a boo boo bayndaid"
"ashally" is actually
"Go downtairs"
"Dolly" - Just cute that she says it
"But I Mont to!"
"HEY! I have andea!"
Everything is "The Ness Day" whether is is tomorrow, yesterday or a month ago.

She still brings up the burned house, but not very often.  Maybe twice a month.
She is now; however, morbidly obsessed with death at times.  In her playing pretend something is often dying.... or planning on dying..... or died "the ness day".
Yesterday (the ness day) she heard a random sound outside and told me the sound told her that two cars crashed and died.  (The sound was a dog barking or something completely normal)

She is nearly a swimmer and made it down the twisty slides at the pool.  With enough yelling and encouragement, she could swim from the bottom of the slide to the steps.  Without enough yelling and encouragement, she sinks.

Speaking of yelling: she must inform us EVERY TIME that "I GOTTA GO POTTTTYYYYYYY!"  Anna hears it so much she automatically rolls her eyes and yells back "JUST GOOOOO!!!" Lily runs (sometimes in circles) doing a high kneed, tipppy toe prance dance in desperation, sometimes in circles, and usually never on the way to the bathroom.  I literally have to get in her face and make her focus to make productive steps to the bathroom.  Sometimes I have to grab her arm and lead her there.  Occasionally she still has accidents.  I'm trying a new thing today where I will use a really low voice and calmly say, "I'm not going to help you... walk towards the bathroom.... what's the next step?...that's right... turn on the light, etc." It worked today.  We'll see.  It's liek the sudden realization she has to go "weely weely bad" short circuits her brain from simply Using. The. Bathroom!

She's a lady on the go!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The End of Innocence

Poor Anna is getting to that age...that age where she WANTS to believe in things (fairies, mermaids, unicorns) but logically knows they mnight not be real.

I fear that this may be our last year for true belief in Santa, if we even get this year.  I think plenty of pesky first graders with older siblings may gleefully shatter the Christmas spirit.
For example, we saw Seasame Street Live in Columbia and on the way there, she asked me if they were real..."really real?"  I just couldn't state the truth so I told her that I thought so.  I told her I thought it was the same people that were on tv.

She thougth about it and her voice chagned from doubt to a happy, "They MUST be real, how else could they see everything?"  I had to smile at that.

She was able to high five one of the characters.  I asked her, "Did they feel real?"  She said, "Well, I think I felt a hand in there."  I told her it might have just been bones.

Afterwards, she didn't say what she thought either way.  I thought it best to leave it well enough alone.  And perhaps, just maybe, hold onto faires, mermaids and unicorns a little....bit...longer. :-)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lily's Fire Obsession

Lily has been obsessed with fires since we saw a house that had burned in mid-DECEMBER!!!

She asked about this house a minimum of once per day
"Where'd buwrned house go?"

I'll remind her that it's by the bookstore. Then she asks to see it.  "Buwrned house sad."  I explain that someone will fix it up, then it will be happy.

Add to this the fact that we saw a car on fire (really, an inferno) on the way to Columbia to see Seasame Street Live.  Can you guess what ELSE she asks about all the time?
She thinks the burned car is sad, too, even though I told her someone fixed it.  Now she asks, "Where'd fissed car go?"

"When fiwe comes, wun to Mya's houwse" is what I hear many other days.  That's her fire plan. Today on the way home from school, she told me about how fire likes food.  (?)

She told me yesterday that fire came out of the smoke detector and I had to let her know what the smoke detector actually did.  She looked very relieved.

This girl is OBSESSED!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Eleventh MONTHDAY!!!

What he can do:
Wave bye and hello (most of the time) Instead of a wave, it's more of a hand raise/salute.
He will blow kisses (most of the time).
Sign "more" (by clapping) and "all done" (by raising both his hands up high)..... most of the time.
Bark like a dog- when he sees a boy.

He loves to pretend to sneeze and cough and will repeatedly do that if he hears someone else do it.

He can say "Ah oh!" and I guess you'd consider that his FIRST WORD!!!

He can crawl like a champ, now, although sometimes he does it full out and sometimes he does it dragging a leg curled up.
He can climb up on a low chair, stool or single step.

He can pull up on anything now and is the master of his domain now that he can crawl anywhere and pull up everywhere.

He's an eating champ now and is a master of the pincher grasp.  He'll let you know if he doesn't like some food or is is all done by swiping all the food on the floor.  He can eat from those organic baby pouches on his own which is convenient for mommy!  He will eat or at least try whatever you give him but his favorite food is bananas and baby junk food.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Tenth MONTHDAY

What he can do:
Crawl (fastish) especially when being chased. Being chase, tickled or nibbled are the things that make him cackle the most. He can even crawl through tunnels although this took some convincing.

He can pull up on anything he can reach now and is very proud of this skill. With crawling and pulling up he has become more interested in opening drawers and emptying cabinets (oh boy!).

Other things:
Growl (so cute)

Anna is still his favorite person although he adores both his sisters.  Lily has gotten sooo good are "baby" talking to him and playing with him.  Their relationship is definitely developing.

His sleep still somewhat iffy.  He only wake 1-2 times/night (or sometimes less).  Naps are still not his favorite thing but he has mostly resigned himself to them.

(No more pictures, mom, I've gotta MOVE)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick update!

So, JJ can now:

  • Clap
  • Give high-fives
  • Say "Da da"
  • Roar like a lion

Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Ninth MONTHday!!!!

What he can do:

He can crawl !!!! He began crawling at my friend Amanda's house on Valentine's Day.  I call her the "Baby Whisperer" and she now definitely lives up to that title.

He can nap! (Fingers crossed)  I say this because essentially his entire eighth month was a sleeping disaster.  No naps, fifteen minute naps, or crying for 45 minutes only to pass out  for 20 minute naps.  Suddenly, he can nap like a champ and go down by himself either happily or with a minimum of fussing.
Also, the night of his month day, March 3rd, he slept from 8 o'clock to 5am without waking!!!! (I'm not holding my breath that i get to enjoy that permanently, yet.

He will pull himself up on things but isn't great at staying up there, yet! (I nearly got a picture of the first time I saw him pull up in his own but by the time I ran to get my phone he had crashed down and was unhappy!

He is very interested in his kitties and acts mighty proud of his petting skills!  He'll pet nicely for a bit then end it with a nice, hard whack on the kitties head.  They don't mind too much!

He is the champion of blowing raspberries and likes to do it either in the air or on someone's skin.

Still waves "Hi" and "Bye" but not consistently yet.

He has suddenly started eating, but we still only get about 1 good episode of eating "real" food per day.

Lily wanted in on the action!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lily Talk

Lily is at a super cute stage with her language.  Here are some highlights:

Beelick (Blanket)
Plupo (Pillow)
Gook Nacks (Fruit Snacks)
Baby Broller (Baby Brother)
Leaf me alone (Leave Me Alone)
Botturn (Bottom)
Peas Pay me? (Please Play with Me)
Pay you? (Can I Play with You)
No, Hand on. (Instructing you to put your hand back on the toy you were supposed to be playing with...with her)
My Mini hosies (My Little Pony)
Da last ucicorn (The Last Unicorn)
Beekey me (Look at Me)
Das Not Nice (That's Not Nice)
Teegy (Candy)
Me luf you :-)
I hurt dese two little lips (hands, toes, etc)
Me luf Anna :-)
Sasasore (Dinosaur)

I wish I could capture them all.  This is just a little sample.  And as we all know (and as evidenced by her changing language from when I began writing this to when I actually published it) it will be a very short stage!