Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Philosophy of 2 Year-Olds

Anna's philosophy on Religion:
Anna: "Jesus is alla (all) awound us!"
Curt: "He is...?"
Anna: "Yeah. Cause his caw (car) goes alla awound!"

Side note: The other day she made up two imaginary friends: Sella and Seeno.
Whether or not they get to stick around is anyone's guess but it reminded me of Ben's long-term imaginary friends Monus and Buddus who got to exist for nearly a year.

What will she come up with now that she's 3? (Birthday blog coming soon!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Fourth!

Another wonderful parade down Sophie's street.
Another fun time watching fireworks at Mimi's.
Another good time altogether!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treats and One Trick!

Here are the two princesses getting ready to Trick or Treat.
Notice the frantic and confused looks. I'm sure I looked that like at age 3 on Halloween as well!

Cinderella and Snow White

Trick or Treating at Miss Kim's house, the most important first stop!

Michelle's costume! (Enthusiastic Mom - wearing a flower hat)

More treats!

Sadly, halfway down the next block Snow White didn't see a step and took a spill.
After a few tears she hit a few more houses and proclaimed herself done!

Hope everyone's Halloween was happy!

The GREAT Pumpkin!

Here we are carving the Great Pumpkin of 2010. We have had a lovely pumpkin three years in a row (if I do say so myself!).
This year, we ended up with a giant monster that we got in Hartsburg, MO. I warned daddy not to pick one he couldn't lift on the table.
As you can see from the first picture, he didn't listen. We had to remove the guts outside in order for him to lift it!

Squishy cheese!

Anna chose the design off the internet and daddy painstakingly drew it to scale on a bigger sheet. Anna helped cut the pieces out this year. Thanks for your hard work, daddy and Anna!

More hard work poking the pumpkin!

See how big that sucker is? And notice our little kitty pumpkin to mommy's right?

Voila! Anna's GREAT pumpkin!

Fall Happenings

Here are some wonderful pictures of our recent Fall Happenings.

First, pictures from the Fall Festival in Jefferson City where we trick or treated at the governor's mansion, saw an apple press, made a bird feeder, and got a free book!

Their Royal Highnesses Sophia and Anna Maria


Anna tried to look at the camera but... there was water to stare at!

Goofy Anna

Lovely Anna

Dancing to the bluegrass music

Here are some photos of ANNA'S FIRST SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! (Which I, of course, volunteered to help with because I am determined to be that type of parent!)

Sarcastic Cheese! (a.k.a Leave me alone so I can proceed to the party!)

Hard at work at her spider craft (the table I was in charge of)

A tired party girl being helped along by her escort, Grandma Stokes.

Finally, here is a shot of the girls Trick or Treating at Mimi's work. I guess I was too busy shuffling them around and eying the candy I was going to steal later to take more pictures! (Notice Sophie's flawless make-up! Anna's lipstick was smeared on the front door of Mimi's work within minutes. Does this portend their teenage years or what?)