Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Here is what we've been doing while learning to be a family of 5!

Rockin some sweet wheels (thanks to Grandpa and Uncle Russell).  

Holding turtles (not real confidently)

Sporting some awesome hair!

Getting some good sister time

Snuggling our mommy

Getting filthy. Anna is the master at this.

Finding some shade.  (And more sister time.)

Eating sushi

Eating more sushi

Learning how to give "thumbs up" about eating sushi

Going down the big slide this summer (now that we live right next to it!) As of this posting, Anna has gone down the slides in the deep end, too!

Lily's first time down the slide.  Sorry about the sideways video.  Fixing it is beyond my computer expertise and patience!

JJ fun!

Here is an update on the little guy:

He may be becoming a pacifier guy. He won't take one for mommy but he stays fairly happy with one if daddy tries it!
This man will sleep forever if being held.  I think he assumes there is no real reason to put him down!  Also about sleep - From day one he has never wakened at night except to nurse,  It has been a dream! It makes this sleep-depreived momma a little more sane.
LOVES Anna. She is is hands-down favorite person!
He is loud.  Simply put.  He cries loudly (but normally, I'd say), he grunts loudly, he poops loudly, he burps loudly, spits up loudly.... you get the picture.  Perhaps it's his way of getting attention as the youngest member of the household!

He has earned the following nicknames:
The Great Gasp-y
Sir Grunts-a-lot
Gunty McGrunterson
Mr. Man

He doesn't complain unless he is tired, hungry or overstimulated but loves being picked up.  He will quiet almost immediately although he'll give you one or two last whimpers to let you know you should've gotten there sooner.

He began smiling at about 3 weeks and at 5 weeks is a lot better at it and does it a lot more!

He gets especially cute around 40 seconds!

See, this guy even breathes loudly!

Sleeping on a friends' porch.

"The Mustachifier"

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy ONE Monthday!

What he can do:
Smile- He began social smiling at three weeks, the earliest yet.  You really have to work for them and Anna is the best at getting a smile.  He loves that girl!

Coo-He's far more of a grunter than a coo-er, but he vocalizes all the time.

Steal Hearts! ;-)

He doesn't have control of his hands, which frustrates him, but he is smacking himself in the face far less!