Monday, October 24, 2011

Super Swinging Girl

TODAY Anna learned to swing by herself (much to my relief and excitement)!

What a big girl!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Charge of her World

Mrs. Lilybeth has taken charge of her world in the past 2 weeks. She crawls and pulls up everywhere. After standing, she can gently lower back to the ground (most of the time).
She has become a master at finger foods (provided they are small and dissolvable). I have always called her the "Fine Motor Skill Queen". Her pincher grasp rocks the world!

She loves small details and textures. She will crawl over to a wicker basket full of toys that would make most babies swoon. Then, she will find the TAG on the wicker basket and explore it for ages.

She is now beginning to try to get responses from us and it is so adorable. She will do "Soooooo Big" and this morning we would say "Dancing baby" and she'd bounce on her cute little knees.

She has been saying "Mama" for a while, mostly directed at me as well as "Ba" for any toy she wants.
But she will now occasionally say:
"Ma" = More
"Ni Ni" = NIght Night

She continues to be the easiest and most personal baby ever!

Enjoy this video of her after realizing she could crawl up the steps at Runge Nature Center.
She was thrilled to realize she could crawl up the steps and around the big room. Notice how she stops to explore the teeny tiny hole in the floor. She takes a spill at the end that is too cute.