Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random pictures...

Here's my little one cooking up a storm: (Uncle Joshy would be proud!)

Here's what happens when a bucket of water and Anna mix:

Here's what happens when Anna and paint mix:

Here's Anna in her party hat (now with TWO candles!):

Here's what happens when daddy buys Anna clothes:


I've taken to sitting in Anna's room for a few minutes ("Sit heaw free minettes, Sit heaw two minettes" - whatever I'm ordered to do that day) in preparation for changing Anna's bedtime routine to begin NOT including her "mommies mookies".

I was sitting there before nap yesterday and she was having a marvelous conversation with herself. She was laying down with her two pointer fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Here's how her conversation (with herself) went:

"Dis is Anna" (pointing one finger up)
"Dis is Mommy" (pointing the finger from her other hand)
"Dis is twiyangle" (making a star)
"Dis is shape"
"Dis is plane" (spreading fingers apart)
"Dis is birwdy, fwap, fwap, fwap" (flapping her hands)
"Dis is circkle"
"Dis is people" (then she began going into the hand motions from, "Here is the church, here is the steeple..."

And the conversation went on and on. I LOVE that I stay at home and get to catch these little things she does throughout the day! I have friends that have been able to go on vacation out of the country when their child was 4 months old. That's just not me, people.

I want to, have to, be there to catch this Anna magic. It only lasts so long. They are only little for so long. She's my bud.