Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Friendship goes digital

Here is one of the first emails Anna received from her best friend, Sophie.  I just love the story:

"hey Anna my mom told me this was for story's so am going to tell you one I think .............................ok I've truth once opine a time there were two girls who  were good friends one day they got one the computer and were friends 
forever they made up the word off"  

Monday, October 5, 2015

"Day Day"

Dear JJ,
Tonight, as I snuggled you to bed, when you were all warm and cuddly, and smelled so clean after your bath...

Mindful that before I'm ready you'll be too big to fit in my arms, I called you my sweet baby and my angel.

 You sleepily insisted, "Day Day".

(Too bad, buster, you are STILL my sweet baby and my angel!)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Good night, Lily!

Dearest Lily,
I don't know how old you will be when you read this blog, but in case you needed a little bedtime advice....

If you are ever having trouble getting yourself to bed, just pretend you are a puppy! When you are a little girl, you can sometimes have an attitude, but puppy Lily does whatever she's told immediately, provided you talk to her as if she is a puppy!

Tonight, from start to finish, puppy Lily and mommy accomplished in 5 minutes that which can take 3.5 hours on other nights!

Good puppy!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mommy My Leg Hurts!!!

Anna, Lily, and JJ,

All 3 of you have now had a time when you faked inoperable legs.

I'm not talking about your typical toddler boneless legs when they don't want to do something... I'm talking about standing in one spot, fake crying, insisting that you can't walk (but running when someone mentions candy!)

Your dad and I have NO IDEA what it's about but all of you, independently, without knowing the other did it, faked that your legs didn't work.

You dad and I just laughed last night when JJ did it.  We couldn't believe all three of you came up with this!!!

We love you all!

All Threes with the Ones and Twos!!!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we potty trained JJ.

I used the same 3-Day method as with Lily, and he had it down within about 2 days!

Just like Lily, he's not going to be perfect for a while, but he's doing a great job!

We've had some major, major issues with part of it (I won't go into the gross details) but as of today I feel safe saying we're on track!

Go JJ!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Littly Lily

You alrady know how to use your eyes, which is a little scary.
Cute thigns you say:
The fact that you say Desinitley all the time (Definitely)
Sweekwet (Secret)
Youkickorn (Unicorn)

You are so patient but so dramatic at the same time.

We have tried (not as hard as we should) top break you of your thumb.  Most of the time you will go along with it and “hide your thumb” when we ask you to but there are times when you just glare and turn away and keep on going.  We don’t push it becasuse, well, if you need it that badly, you really need it.  You are dealing with an emotion right now that takes some help and that is okay. 

You are still in your head all the time and you could make a 20 minute adventure using two paper clips.

You still talk about your “honey” who is your imaginary friend.  Out of nowhere, you’ll say where she is sitting or get concerned that you left her at home.  You don’t tell stories about her insomuch as you make us aware of her presence. 

Lily is so Morbid!!!

Here's what her beloved babysitter, Miss Kim, wrote today on Facebook:
"I babysat again today, and the beautiful looking four your old girl, big blue eyes, long eyelashes, pink poofy lips and yelllow blonde hair made me a "card" with some squiggles on it. She read it to me -- "I love you so much. I love you so much I will even love you when you are too too old and dead." 

She's talks about pretty morbid things frequently as if they are no big deal... which at her age and understanding, they're not!

More cute things (Other than nearly everything that comes out of her mouth):
-Spunting = Something
-Slushsdoitulkdnflks = Frustrating.  How she says it isn't even intelligible and you have to figure it out using context but it's darn stinkin' cute!

She still talks about her "honey" (invisible friend) all the time. Sadly, "Honey's" parents are apparently deceased.  More Lily morbidness!  She has several moribd explanations for how that came about!

wink emoticonShe