Monday, July 26, 2010

Conversations, etc.

I got home from a wedding last Saturday that I had "disappeared" to during Anna's nap.

She shrieks with joy when I walk up the stairs and asks:

"What duy (guy) did you get married to....?"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Role Reversals

So my little Anna Banana is very much into role reversals lately.
Role Reversal One:
Many days will find Anna being "mommy" while I am told to be "Anna"
-Or Tinkerbell
-Or the "Pince" (the prince in Sleeping Beauty)
And I have to keep it up till she decides the game is over. I've been Anna all morning many mornings.
(Somehow she doesn't get the humor when I tell her, "OK mommy, you need to make me a bowl of cereal, then do my laundry, then pick out some clothes, then dress me, then buckle me in," etc.)
What? I need to vent sometimes too!

Her concept of make believe has blossomed so much lately.

Role Reversal Two:
Recently, she started trying to opt out of our rule of holding hands in parking lots.
So what did I do?
What any mother would do.
I man-i-pu-lated.
So I began t ask her to please hold my hand to keep me safe in the parking lot

She ate it up. Now without asking she grabs for my hand and says, "C'mon mommy. I keep you safe!"

What a sweet girl!

Monday, July 5, 2010


So Curt is trying out Google Voice.
Here is Google Voice's TRANSCRIPT of my voicemail to him:
Voicemail from Maria Stokes (314) XXX-XXXX at 1:52 PM
Transcript: Do that voicemail. Frank electric hang out but I will get you
do it at home. I since I can take a picture of at the picture that I had
absolutely. Like I said but I also just of it, but I got back to you about
the whole Lee or soccer words to really got a few weeks. Also they give us
back at your desk, so it's a verbal fast asleep holding. Thank you. Well,
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
But it really is true that it's a verbal fast asleep holding!

Regarding Januray 19th...