Thursday, May 23, 2013

A glimpse inside Anna's mind

I was laying on the couch with a not-so-subtle belly hanging out and Anna comes up to me and kisses my belly.

Curt says, "Can you talk to your brother?"

Anna: (In an exaggerated LOW voice) Hi Baby Brother.  I'm DADDY. Do what I say! Let's go sledding!"

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lily Talk....

We all waited a looong time for our Lilybeth to really get talking, although we all agreed that she still communicated all she needed.

Now that her talking has really taken off, I wanted to share some Lily-isms:

"Ollyplop" = Lollypop
"Tu Tu" = Thank you or tissue
Yesterday several times the looked at me saying, "Tu Tu Daddy.. Oh (giggle and sweet smile) Tu Tu Mommy!"
"Euyunge" = Orange
"Euyunge Duce" = Orange Juice
"Dobbidees" = Batteries
"Oh-----waiy" = Shocked expression for when something isn't where she thinks it should be.  It's gone away.
"Olly" = Trolley
"Neen" = Clean
"Nun" = Done
"BEE!!!!!!" = Anything that pokes or itches on her body is a bee, so it anything resembling a bug.
"Oh.-----DURT!" = She doesn't like dirt.

And her cutest big sentence, "Anna Pllay, Lily, Pllay" when she wants Anna to go play somewhere with her.  Sometimes combined with "Anna Pllay Lella (Princesses), Lily Pllay Lella".

On a not so cute (but still kind of cute) side, she talks about Poop.... all. the. time.  Anything that looks like dirt, is poop.  Mud is poop.  Broken concrete is poop.  Food on the floor after a meal might be poop.  If you walk towards the bathroom she wants to know if you are going "Poo Poo?".  She'll point to the cat's behind to let you know about Poop.  The girl has a potty brain.  What can I say?