Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Anna!

So Anna wanted a slumber party for her 6th birthday.  It was a great idea... in theory.  In reality, I had a 4 month old (which I must have forgotten) and a two year old who had no interest in settling down when it was time to!  I finally had to be "mean mommy" at ten o'clock and stand in the door way glaring.  Luckily, it worked!
Luckily. she ended up with the most amazingly amazing cake ever thanks to her wonderful Mimi!

Her guests:
Molly, Ben. Sophie, Mya, Amanda.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Lily

We have just gotten past a bit of a tough time.

You love your brother, but changing from the baby to the middle kid wasn't something you thought was a good idea.
About two or three months after he was born, you started on some...... interesting behaviors.  (Not all that different from what Anna went through when YOU were born.)
Suddenly the words, "No", "wait", "just a minute", "Now now" etc were all completely unacceptable to you.  In addition, you stopped being potty trained. (How cliche is that?)  Shortly after that, you dropped your nap and became more and more bonkers!  Your dad and I were so frustrated and knew you were beyond exhausted but had no idea how to help you.
Also, because JJ was just a baby, he needing parenting all day and all night so we didn't have the brain power to find creative solutions.

You and I both did more yelling at each other than either of us wanted! The only time you fell asleep peacefully was by accident in the car, then you'd stay up until ten at night!

FINALLY, finally I just realized what Granny kept saying, "She's only Twoooo!"  Finally I got it! Two year olds need so much love and attention, and you were suddenly getting so little!  I made a "Choice Chart" to reward all your good choices (as some of your recent ones had been irrational and outright defiant).  You want to know the best part?  It also let me realize how many GOOD choices you DID make!  The naughty ones got my attention but I didn't always focus on the good ones!

Within three days, your behavior was much, much better.  I think you were just so relieved to be getting extra attention.

Now, that didn't solve the sleep situation.  Just two days ago, after much thought (most of which was done during times of frustration and helplessness) it dawned on me that we could try to get you that extra hour or so of sleep by putting you to bed waaaay before Anna.
Problem was----share room,. playing, etc.
Extra special bedtime....

Here's an updated photo from when you are three and making other choices, like picking out your own lunch.... all by yourself!

Butter and pickles!!!