Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Fourth MONTHday!!!

What he can do:

-Roll from his stomach to his back
-Roll over from back to stomach (One complete time on 9/29/2013) Only attempts since.

-He can now stand and play in an excersaucer.  Initially, he would just reach out and swipe at the toys but now he's pretty darn good at grabbing and manipulating them.  

-He is pretty content to be in his Ergo baby carrier and sleeps best in his rock n play.  In fact, we tried to get him to sleep in a pack and play and Granny's house and he only made it an hour and a half.  We stuck him in his rocker and he slept 4 hours!

-He loves to be tickled, kissed, and nibbled and he has the cutest laugh when he really gets going.  

-His favorite thing in the world is fabric.  He will grab and "mouth" anything made of fabric.  A little pig with his initials on it (thanks Auntie Em) and his homemade taggie toy are his favorites!

-The cutest thing his does is to play his version of "peekaboo".  When someone is cooing at him, he will smile a giant smile then buy his head in something or look up and away.  He will always then look right back, still with a giant smile on his face!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anna's Math Skills

Friday night, 8:30 p.m.:

Anna comes out of her room with an excited look.

Anna: Guess what you get when you do 2 plus 1 plus 2 four times?

Maria: What do you get?

Anna: 20!

Maria: How did you figure that out? 

Anna: Well, I read it in a book, and now I just know it. See, what you do is add 2 and 1 and 2, then you do that four times, and you get 20.

That's right, folks! Our 5 year old kindergartener just read about multiplication in a book, taught herself, and now she gets it. Pretty sure there's something about order of operations in there, too; it's still sinking in...

Crazy Mom Moment

I can speak to my phone as opposed to typing the text.  For a busy mom, this is a great feature.  However, it can get a little too real.

As I was entering a schedule event for Anna's soccer practice next week, here is the title of the event:

Event Title: "Anna wear jersey LILY IF I SEE YOU DO THAT AGAIN I WILL TAKE IT AWAY!!!"

Thank you very much