Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lily Talk

Lily is at a super cute stage with her language.  Here are some highlights:

Beelick (Blanket)
Plupo (Pillow)
Gook Nacks (Fruit Snacks)
Baby Broller (Baby Brother)
Leaf me alone (Leave Me Alone)
Botturn (Bottom)
Peas Pay me? (Please Play with Me)
Pay you? (Can I Play with You)
No, Hand on. (Instructing you to put your hand back on the toy you were supposed to be playing with...with her)
My Mini hosies (My Little Pony)
Da last ucicorn (The Last Unicorn)
Beekey me (Look at Me)
Das Not Nice (That's Not Nice)
Teegy (Candy)
Me luf you :-)
I hurt dese two little lips (hands, toes, etc)
Me luf Anna :-)
Sasasore (Dinosaur)

I wish I could capture them all.  This is just a little sample.  And as we all know (and as evidenced by her changing language from when I began writing this to when I actually published it) it will be a very short stage!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Eighth MONTHDAY!!!

What he can do:
He plays a cute little repeating game where he wants you to smack the table or your lap, make the "tough guy" face, then shake his head.  He sometimes varies the order, but he LOVES when you play this with him!

He is so, so, so close to crawling.  He will go from sitting to crawling positing.  He will do the typical rock back and forth and sometimes he can even thrust himself forward a little bit.  He's really ready, he just needs to figure it out!

His favorite sounds are "Da" and "Ta" and he likes to say them over and over.  Curt loves it when he says something that sounds like "Hi Dada".

What he can't do:
-Sleep in his crib
-Roll over

So he had been a pretty good sleeper but slept full time in his rocker. So when it was time to move him (he was too mobile for the rocker) the transition was not.....smooth. This led to a good month of torturous days for mommy who had to continuously listen to crying and second guess herself.

We understood some of his difficulty with the help of our parents as teachers lady.  She asked us about his rolling over and I dismissed it stating that he just skipped that part of babyhood. She pointed out that this was unusual. He was so good at sitting up so early that we stopped putting him on his back. It didnt dawn on us that when it was time to start sleeping in his crib he'd lay there stuck like an upside down turtle!

Once we figured this out, we worked hard on rolling over and his sleep finally improved (with some rough patches along the way of course-he is a baby after all!)

Check out this baby: