Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here are some pictures of Anna's first race. She had a blast! Curt, Maria, Michelle, and Tim ran the 5k earlier in the morning and Sophie and Anna (after much practice running as you will see in the pictures) completed a 100 yard dash.

Anna was so cute, as soon as the gun went off Curt (who was at the finish line) said she got a big smile on her face and zoomed the whole way down and the proceeded to high five strangers. (Sound like someone else? :-) Poor Sophie was a little more bashful and Tim and I had to walk her down part of the way.

All the 5k racers did a fabulous job and Curt finally beat me in a race!!! I forgot how enjoyable these small races are without the big mental battle of finishing mile after mile.

The funny story of the race was that in her excitement after the finish, Michelle blurted out, "We finished! And YOU'RE pregnant!" (Revealed in a future email-hence the delay on this post.) We happened to be standing in the shade of the ...ambulance. Sure enough, both EMT's eyes shot straight to my belly then straight to my face. They kept checking in on me (as only a wonderful EMT would) and eventually the guy casually strolled over to the cab of the ambulance, turned the key, and blasted the AC. Then he so gently stated, "Miss, why don't you just sit right down here in the cab for a bit. I don't like how red your face is." At first I thought, "Oh man! Michelle totally called me out!" but after about two minutes in the chilly air I was so grateful. I sat back and basked in the air while everyone else (including Saint Mimi who woke, dressed, fed Anna, got her to the race, and stood with us in the sun) baked in the 120 degree shade.

To tell you the truth I was having a little trouble cooling down on my own but I'd never admit that. Oh no!

Funny thing was, since an EMT asked me to sit there, I assumed I had to wait till he told me I could leave. It got so cold in there I started shivering. He finally noticed and said, "You know you can get out whenever you want!" Well no. I didn't know that. Thank you!

Anyway, it was on to Anna's race and home for a serious shower and nap! Saint Mimi even kept Anna all the way until dinner time! Instead of napping, Curt shot guns with Tim and RyRy. Silly boys.

Enjoy the pictures:
Father's Day 5-K

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anna versus the cousin-who-not-be-named

So here are a few differences between my little Anna Banana Pants and her cousin-who-will-not-be-named.

This cousin-who-will-not-be-named at Anna's age or younger would routinely lay on the ground with his trains and play quietly for HOURS! (OK. Probably only twenty minutes, but still.)

Here is what Anna will do for 20 minutes in a row.
-Watch TV (he he)
-Play in or with her baby bath tub (preferably naked)
-Play in her bean bucket (a Xmas present from Auntie Em and the kids)
-Jump on the couch and into her "ball pit" (the couch cushions) (Preferably naked)
-Run in a circle around the house "ekercizing". We are lucky to have a small house with a circuit in it. She really will do this for 20 minutes. Straight. We've timed it. No kidding.
-Play hop on pop - jumping on or smacking Curt. Funny to watch. I'll be happy to sell tickets.

God love her. I love her. Everyone who knows her loves her.

Music Class and friends

Anna has been in a music class for about a year now. She loves it and has learned how to sit still, pay attention and wait her turn. She'll even sing a rhythm when it is her turn.
And that sweet girl has also learned to wait her turn when a basket of instruments comes out (major excitement in 2 year old land) until after the "babies" pick theirs!
She took some pictures with her friends Carissa and Sophie for the music teacher and to have pictures with her friends.
(Sorry for the Sears logo. I borrowed them from the website!)

Aren't they a bunch of cuties?