Monday, April 7, 2008

Things I love...

Dear future Anna,
These are the things I love about you...

-How deliciously floppy you are after your night feedings! They make getting out of bed (over and over) totally worth it!
-The way you smack your lips after you eat.
-Belly slappin' fun!
-How you try really hard to roll over, then get mad when you do!
-Your shy-guy smiles!
-You new ability to reach out and grab anything and everything!
-The sweet and funny things you do with your hands while you eat (hands clasped together, backhanded strokes, etc.)
-The little dances you do in your jumperoo!
-The way you love to eat Mr. turtle's head on your exersaucer!
-When you suck your thumb - you are so cute!
-Your cute yawns!
-Super kicks with your left leg!
-Your at-ti-tuuuuude!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Such a great list. I can't believe that my first niece is such an over-achiever and SO smart and SO cute!

    Well...I can believe it actually...I KNEW that is what she would be like, and it's so nice of her to prove me right!

    Love, Aunt Em