Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's here it for the boy!

So I come home from a (very) busy visit with my parents for KG's graduation and Amy's wedding. CONGRATS TO BOTH! Of course, I come home sick. I was going to leave Sat. night after the bar-b-que regardless, but I just felt so yucky, I came home right in the middle of the dinner celebration. I felt well enough to drive home but cratered afterwards. I just KNEW I had to get home to a loving husband and my own soft, comfy bed.

I got home to find that my absolutely outstanding mother-in-law had straightened up while Curt and Tom (father-in-law) worked hard outside. Then all day Sunday while I laid around moaning and complaining (when not sleeping) Curt kept Anna all day including putting her down for naps. I only saw my poopsqueak when it was time for her to eat. He checked on me often to see if I needed anything, went grocery shopping, started the laundry, cooked dinner and leapt tall buildings in a single bound.

Highlight of the sickness:
Becky's homemade chicken soup!
(Only thing I could eat while I was buy losing four pounds.) Let's hear it for Curt and Becky!!!

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