Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anna did you know....

(Today you decided, while visiting the Newman Center where your dad and I met, that walking was THE WAY to move.)

So in honor of today,
Anna did you know....

-That seeing you walk terrifies me, makes me sad, and makes me so proud all at the same time?
-That I sneak cuddles in ALL THE TIME because you don't like mom's "snuggles"?
-That the rare times when you spontaneously love on me makes my heart race... every time?
-That seeing you snuggle with your stuffed animals never gets old?
-That hearing you say "dat.." and point to what you want to explore (which is everything) is the cutest sound in the world?
-That I have a love/hate relationship with feeding you in the middle of the night?
-That dad and I tried to sleep train you again a few weeks ago but chickened out when the universe turned against us (daylight ridiculous time, stomach flus, crabby daddy...)?
-That I am scared...and in denial, of your first birthday?
-How precious you look when you sleep (yes, I still peek)?
-That every night I wish wish wish I could sleep curled around your little body?
-That this will never happen because when you sleep, you flop and roll around like a fish out of water? (Your head literally touches all four corners of your crib each night.)
-That you tackle Cricket for cuddles AT LEAST 50 times per day and that dumb cat cannot figure out to just stay away from you?
-That you got the need to play with your hair while you comfort yourself from daddy?
-That you find the cat food and water irresistible? (Yes, you've eaten some. No, I didn't tell daddy.)
-You snuggle and pat kids who are complete strangers? (They look up at ME, bewildered each time, as if I have the answer to your wonderful loviness.)
-That you are the master of blowing kisses?
-That you hate getting cleaned with baby wipes unless I give you one to suck on? (I know, I know... gross. But we parents get desperate!)

-That I love you, worry about you, get frustrated by you, crave you, and love you all the time!!!

Congratulations on walking. Now stay little and babyish! That's an order!