Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okkkkaaayyyy. I have a toddler

I've been in denial for a while about having a toddler. "I have a BABY!!!" is what I frequently whined as my family marveled at Anna's advanced development.

But I've finally accepted the fact that I no longer have a baby. Here's why:
This morning, Anna
-Declined her morning nursing for the second day in a row.
-Saw me "feed" her baby doll with the baby gas drops bottle and has now been feeding all her babies all morning. (She doesn't have the knack of burping them yet, so they have spit up all over the place ;-)
-Saw me pick up her large teddy bear and dance to music and immediately grabbed a stuffed frog and twirled around the living room.
-Tries so hard to communicate and is frustrated by her limited ability. When she wants something and wants it now, she'll sign in rapid succession in the vain hope I finally catch on to what she wants! "Help" "Please" "More" "Help" "Please"!!!
-She told me the other day she wanted breakfast. We were following daddy around as he got ready for work and suddenly she stopped what she was doing and signed "Eat".
-We frequently listen to NPR in the mornings. Do NOT ask Anna for her opinion of what Gov. Blagojevich did. She'll go on and on. Well, NPR switches over to music at 9am. The first song yesterday was an organ song. She immediately stopped what she was doing, looked at the radio, looked over at my Grandparent's organ, and walked over to the organ and pointed and it and wanted to play it. What a smart girl!!!

Three cheers for my little baby... I mean toddler!

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