Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anna's First Camping Trip!

Check out the pics of Anna's first camping trip. We went to a cute little campground in Eldon, MO after the big family camping trip to Onodaga Cave State Park fell through.
A big thanks to Michelle who talked us into going!

It was a hot hot HOT trip but super fun. We had hot dogs grilled on a stick, s'mores, camp breakfast INCLUDING camp donuts and lots more yummy food.
We fell asleep to the gentle sounds of POUNDING RAIN the entire night. I was so proud of our tent for keeping us (mostly) dry. The floor of the tent, however, was a different story. Anna slept amazingly well. What a trooper.

Check out the pics: (My faves are "Camper dude Tim" and "Two hot girls on a camp chair!"
Camping June 2009

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