Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No, Anna two!

Is what the girl says every time you call her any nickname now.

If I say, "Are you my snuggly britches?" she retorts, "No, Anna teeeeeewwwww" as she holds up all her fingers. (There seems to be some confusion about ages and nicknames all the sudden.)

Current count per her two year doctor's visit:
Height: 34 3/4 inches
Weight: 26.14 pounds
Love: 100%

Cute story - the other day Curt was out late for meetings in St. Louis so I was cooking while Anna played. Her little voice caught my attention as I was busy near the stove. I looked behind me and she was sitting, legs splayed in front, on the kitchen floor and had her baby sitting similarly beside her. She was leaning over and towards her baby saying, "Whachoo tinking bout, baby? over and over. It was adorable. After I scooped my melted heart back off the stove I got back to cooking and Anna left to play elsewhere.
After a few moments of silence I peeked in the living room to check on her. She was sitting on the organ bench and her baby was in the "time out" chair. Anna said, "baby in time out." She had set the timer and everything. I could hear it ticking away. (You go girl. Be the boss when you can!)
That girl was ALL ABOUT the pretend play that evening.
So sweet.

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