Monday, April 26, 2010

More conversations...

Anna this morning waking up in the "trib" (crib) at "Dranny's" (Granny's) House:
A: "My name is Anna!
I like to sing!"
Spoken only to herself. She's always happy when she wakes up. What a blessing to be a little ray of sunshine!

Tonight as I was putting her to bed:
M: 'I'm going to get ready for night-night. Good night sweetie!"
A: "Whachoo dweam about?" (What are you going to dream about?)
M: "Well! I don't know. I'll probably dream about our train ride!"
(We had just ridden home from Granny's)
A: 'And I'm dunna dwean about a HELICOPTER RIDE!!!!"

Where does this girl get this stuff?

Another thing she says often"
A: "Whoa that wuth a prize!" (Whoa, that was a surprise!)
But how fitting that she says prize? Because.... isn't that sometimes true?

Another thing: "I'm so cited!" [excited]

My girl!

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