Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Happenings

Here are some wonderful pictures of our recent Fall Happenings.

First, pictures from the Fall Festival in Jefferson City where we trick or treated at the governor's mansion, saw an apple press, made a bird feeder, and got a free book!

Their Royal Highnesses Sophia and Anna Maria


Anna tried to look at the camera but... there was water to stare at!

Goofy Anna

Lovely Anna

Dancing to the bluegrass music

Here are some photos of ANNA'S FIRST SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! (Which I, of course, volunteered to help with because I am determined to be that type of parent!)

Sarcastic Cheese! (a.k.a Leave me alone so I can proceed to the party!)

Hard at work at her spider craft (the table I was in charge of)

A tired party girl being helped along by her escort, Grandma Stokes.

Finally, here is a shot of the girls Trick or Treating at Mimi's work. I guess I was too busy shuffling them around and eying the candy I was going to steal later to take more pictures! (Notice Sophie's flawless make-up! Anna's lipstick was smeared on the front door of Mimi's work within minutes. Does this portend their teenage years or what?)

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