Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Interview with Anna

I stole this idea from Auntie Em. (Well, not just the idea, but all the questions as well!:-)

Here is an interview with Anna, age 3 during our basement camp out in the blizzard of 2011:

What is your:
1) Favorite color? Purple
2) Favorite book? Jungle Babies (the book we just finished reading)
3) Favorite movie? The Mulan (the movie we watched earlier that day - plus twice yesterday.)
4) Favorite food? Chicken
5) Least favorite food? Pancakes (She loves pancakes)
6) Favorite fruit? Bananas
7) Favorite vegetable? Bananas
8) Least favorite vegetable? Tomatoes (She loves tomatoes)
9) Favorite TV show? Dora
10) Favorite song? Row Row Row Your Boat (Weird. Ben said the same one and I never told her his answers. Plus, we haven't sung this one in forever.)
11) Favorite thing to do with mom? Tickle
12) Favorite thing to do with dad? Hop on Pop
13) Favorite game to play with friends? Puzzle animals (the book we just did)
14) Favorite store? The one that has my cawts in it!
15) Favorite sport? Wiggling
16) Favorite bible story? You Are My Sunshine
17)Favorite place to go? Camping in the woods (We were pretend camping, after all)
18) Favorite restaurant? The lomster (lobster) one
19) Favorite toy? Ariel doll
20) Favorite thing to do with Elizabeth? Tickle, tickle, tickle
21) Favorite drink? Orange juice
22) Favorite thing to do at school? Go to the nursery and play with the other kids
23) Favorite thing to do outside? Slide
24) What do you want to be when you grow up? A knight
25) What can you do now that you are 3? Put my hands up (huh?)
26) Who is your best friend? Ariel
27) What is mom's job? Bake, bake (ouch)
28) What is dad's job? Climb up in the attic
29) What does mom always say? Help my write my name. (huh?)
30) What does dad always say? I don't know
31) What is your nickname? Anna Maria
32) What makes you laugh? Tickles
33) What makes you sad? Bumping
34) What are you thankful for? You (Awwwwww)
35) What does mom love about you? I don't know, you tell me! (Where do I begin, sweetling?)

Then Anna began to ask ME questions, in a very serious manner.
The questions were tough:
What is your favorite baseball place?
What is your favorite hat?
What is your favorite eyebrow? (What?)
What is your favorite toy?

Pretty creative, hard-hitting questions, wouldn't you say?

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  1. Love. It. Where, by the way, are your answers to these hard-hitting questions Miss Mommy??

    I tried to steal Emily's idea too, but Olli only gets about 4 questions in and then will only answer in gibberish "What's your favorite vegetable?" "Boogalgubrua"...oi

    I also wanted to take this moment to let you know that even though I may rarely comment on your post, I read ALL of them. They are my lunchtime treat when I don't get time to escape my desk. My right hand is my "dirty hand" that gets to use the mouse, while my left hand stays my "clean hand" so I can feed my face. Just FYI so you don't think I'm a lazy follower :) xo