Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recent Anna-isms

As anyone who knows this girl is aware, Anna has a full vocabulary. But there are still some sweet baby-ish words she uses that continue to hang on, such as:
naybe = maybe
pickstures = pictures
blinstures = blisters
busy = dizzy ("I'm getting sooooo busy!")
tellingscope = telescope (but really, how appropriate is tellingscope?)

When Anna stays really quiet in her room for a while, this is usually what she comes out looking like.

She went through a phase this spring where she wanted to make lists and notes. She'd say, "So. Let me write that down..." and proceed to scribble something on a sheet of paper. This is one of them. I had to jot it down word for word:
"Dear Sophie and Michelle. Do NOT take me outside when it is wet outside. Not ever, ever EVER take me outside when there is a storm in New York!"
(Explain THAT one, Doctor Phil)

While painting on 6/12/11, Anna gave me this lecture:
"Mom. I'm trying to paint like a "gwown up" and your "stracting" me. If you see a mean witch and she "stracts" me, whack her, ok?"
(Treasure, I will always whack your witches)

Pajama mud pies (complete with long sleeves, summer pajamas, and bug boots to complete the look!)

Chocolate cookie face (or pretty much Anna's face after any meal)

Fighting the Nap - FAIL

On the way to her 3 year doctor's appointment, I gave her a good news/bad news scenario about shots. For months after that, she would say, "Mommy. I have good news and bad news" and proceed to make up nonsense. For instance, "Mommy. I have good news and bad news. The good news is, I want cereal for breakfast. The bad news is, I want bagels for breakfast."

What a silly girl!

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