Thursday, September 8, 2011

I call it "GIRL-splosion"!

Here are pics of the girl's new room:

A big THANKS to Mimi for decorating it and to Daddy and Papa for shuffling it around!

The transition went beautifully! Miss Lilybeth decided to be accommodating (as always) and began waking up only once per night so my fears of trudging across the hall fast asleep all night were all for naught. I think the poor girl just needed more space. The co-sleeper was a little snug.


She's thinking, "I just KNOW I can get out of here, SOMEHOW!"

"Mom, SERIOUSLY, I can't even roll over in this thing!"

"Help mom, I'm stuck sideways!"

And yet at times.... the girl slept. And slept HARD:

I know you aren't EVER supposed to wake a sleeping baby but there is a big sister here in the mix!

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