Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Anna Silliness

Anna has been so completely wonderful lately.  She has adjusted to the move nicely.  She got over her heart break that her beloved teacher from last year will not be her new teacher and is counting down the days until pre-k starts.

She plays so well with Elizabeth and generally has the patience of a saint with her.  She LOVES doing her new nightly chores because now they involve throwing clothes down a laundry chute.  Maximum excitement.  She still loves the television wayyyyy too much but she appears to learn certain skills, like teaching dance lessons.  Observe:

She still has her cute little kid sayings that she messes up:
"What a heck?"
But mostly she sounds adorable using grown up speak.  Things I heard out of her mouth lately:
"Ohhhhh definitely."
"You have NO idea"

She is as "in charge" as ever and has loved lately reminding me that I don't know everything.  When I claim that I do, she'll counter, "You don't know about GOD!"  (She's stuck on the God thing lately.  Not a bad thing.)

She still is obsessed with her princesses but will play pretend with a stick if necessary.  She could REALLLLLYYYYY use a fenced in yard and a play gym; however, as shown by the following pictures:

Mud Swimming!
I gave her permission to use the water hose to water plants (about the only toy in our new yard at the moment).  When I noticed the water had been on for a while I went out to find this.  The sheer extent of the mud does not come across well in the pictures, but you get the idea.

Regarding the asking for permission thing, despite her strong will, she asks permission for everything.  Even things I wouldn't have thought she needed to.  She is very respectful about checking with me first for things.  I love it!

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