Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Anna!

Happy 5th Birthday to my big girl!

You were so excited to turn 5.  I'm not quite sure what you thought it meant for you but you definitely assigned special meaning to this new stepping stone.  You continue to be full of energy and enthusiasm.    On the other hand, I've still never seen anyone zone out the way you do when placed in front of the TV.

You still love to play with your princesses but will really play with anything you can use for make believe.  You have learned to play so well with Elizabeth and you are a great teacher for her.  In the car the other day she pointed out of the car and said something unintelligible.  You gently said, "I know! I see that, too!"  I asked what Elizabeth had said and you whispered, "I have no idea. I'm trying to just go along."  You are willing to help her do just about anything and I'm not sure what she would do without you!  (This holds some weight coming from someone with a great big sister, myself!)

You are very loyal to your friends and now that we live by your best bud, Sophie, you've had to learn to manage complicated friendships as you get to know others in the neighborhood as well, like your friend, Mya.  But Sophie, Molly and Ben continue to be the center of your social universe.

I love watching you grow and learn and now that you have a precocious toddler sister, I truly appreciate how obedient you are.  You always ask for permission before doing new things.  I very rarely have to ask you to do things more than once.  I can't remember the last time you were truly naughty! The only times you melt down is when we've pushed you waaaaay past your limit such as when you travel or after special events.

I couldn't feel any luckier to have you as a first born.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the pics of the birthday girl:






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