Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy BIRTHday Jonathan James!!!

Jonathan James was born (eagerly awaited 2 weeks late) on 6/3/2013
He weighed 9 pounds even and was 20.5 inches long.

(The outside world is a little bright!)

Getting his first bath/lotion from daddy!

Such a handsome man!

One proud daddy!

Big sisters: One proud... one snuggly!

I'm wearing the pretty necklace Anna made me.

(Don't worry, Lily, he'll warm up to you!)

(She forgives him with a kiss)

(Auntie Em looks good for no sleep!)

There's a lot of love on that couch!

Jonathan James (JJ) was born after a loooong 24 hour labor.  I felt my first contraction just after 4am on the 2nd, and he was born at 4:06am on the 3rd, the day he would've been induced.  He cried for the first hour and a half (making us fearful that he was a sensitive guy) but has been a chill dude ever since!  We stayed only 1 night in the hospital because there were too many interruptions for anyone to rest.  We headed home where Granny and daddy made sure we had some actual quiet time as we settled in as a family.

JJ we love you! Thanks for getting here safely and making us complete!

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