Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Third MONTHday!!!

What he can do:

He can mostly control his hands (as you can see from the pics) and has taken to sucking on two fingers.  (It makes the cutest sound!)  He is working on purposeful grabbing but can mostly only grab things by accident at this point.

He can coo, blow raspberries, and generally make all sorts of delightful sounds.

He can laugh (a cute infant laugh, not all all-out belly laugh) when tickled or when someone is playing with him.

He can nearly roll over but his big, beefy shoulders get in his way.

He is rarely upset.  He basically only cries when tired and is very easy to soothe.  He loves his sisters and his favorite toy is a homemade tag blanket by our friend, Paula Ball.  He can get a good grip on that and he loves chewing on the blanket.

He can make anyone's day brighter!  

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