Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Ninth MONTHday!!!!

What he can do:

He can crawl !!!! He began crawling at my friend Amanda's house on Valentine's Day.  I call her the "Baby Whisperer" and she now definitely lives up to that title.

He can nap! (Fingers crossed)  I say this because essentially his entire eighth month was a sleeping disaster.  No naps, fifteen minute naps, or crying for 45 minutes only to pass out  for 20 minute naps.  Suddenly, he can nap like a champ and go down by himself either happily or with a minimum of fussing.
Also, the night of his month day, March 3rd, he slept from 8 o'clock to 5am without waking!!!! (I'm not holding my breath that i get to enjoy that permanently, yet.

He will pull himself up on things but isn't great at staying up there, yet! (I nearly got a picture of the first time I saw him pull up in his own but by the time I ran to get my phone he had crashed down and was unhappy!

He is very interested in his kitties and acts mighty proud of his petting skills!  He'll pet nicely for a bit then end it with a nice, hard whack on the kitties head.  They don't mind too much!

He is the champion of blowing raspberries and likes to do it either in the air or on someone's skin.

Still waves "Hi" and "Bye" but not consistently yet.

He has suddenly started eating, but we still only get about 1 good episode of eating "real" food per day.

Lily wanted in on the action!

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