Monday, August 4, 2014

Lady Lily

Lily is at an amazingly cute stage with how she talks, the "big girl" things she tries, and the looks she gives.

She is a perfect mish mash of baby, girl and even sometimes adult.  She gives these crazy teenagery looks already that we know we will see much more of in a couple of years.  She somehow already knows how to use those big eyes to her advantage!

She is working really hard to say all things correctly but luckly still keeps some sweet mispronunications:
"I wanna be a superhurro"
"zay zay" is JJ
"Baby broller" (With his size, he IS a broller)
"Pucess" is princess
"I need a boo boo bayndaid"
"ashally" is actually
"Go downtairs"
"Dolly" - Just cute that she says it
"But I Mont to!"
"HEY! I have andea!"
Everything is "The Ness Day" whether is is tomorrow, yesterday or a month ago.

She still brings up the burned house, but not very often.  Maybe twice a month.
She is now; however, morbidly obsessed with death at times.  In her playing pretend something is often dying.... or planning on dying..... or died "the ness day".
Yesterday (the ness day) she heard a random sound outside and told me the sound told her that two cars crashed and died.  (The sound was a dog barking or something completely normal)

She is nearly a swimmer and made it down the twisty slides at the pool.  With enough yelling and encouragement, she could swim from the bottom of the slide to the steps.  Without enough yelling and encouragement, she sinks.

Speaking of yelling: she must inform us EVERY TIME that "I GOTTA GO POTTTTYYYYYYY!"  Anna hears it so much she automatically rolls her eyes and yells back "JUST GOOOOO!!!" Lily runs (sometimes in circles) doing a high kneed, tipppy toe prance dance in desperation, sometimes in circles, and usually never on the way to the bathroom.  I literally have to get in her face and make her focus to make productive steps to the bathroom.  Sometimes I have to grab her arm and lead her there.  Occasionally she still has accidents.  I'm trying a new thing today where I will use a really low voice and calmly say, "I'm not going to help you... walk towards the bathroom.... what's the next step?...that's right... turn on the light, etc." It worked today.  We'll see.  It's liek the sudden realization she has to go "weely weely bad" short circuits her brain from simply Using. The. Bathroom!

She's a lady on the go!

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