Friday, March 27, 2015

Interview with Lily, Age 4

Here is an interview with Lily, Age 4.

What is your:
1) Favorite color? Blue and Purple mixed togethler!
2) Favorite book? Pfrozen
3) Favorite movie? Pfrozen
4) Favorite food? Ice Kweem
5) Least favorite food? Sauce
6) Favorite fruit? Honey on Bwead
7) Favorite vegetable? Dus Peppers
8) Least favorite vegetable? Well I'm dus gonna show you the yuckiest vegetal. (Takes a package of cream cheese and chive crackers out of the pantry)
9) Favorite TV show? Barbie - De New kind of Barbie
10) Favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Tar
11) Favorite thing to do with mom? Play
12) Favorite thing to do with dad? De same thing, and play
13) Favorite game to play with friends? With de Barbies
14) Favorite store? De Food Tor
15) Favorite sport? Sword
16) Favorite bible story? Wearing bible story
17)Favorite place to go? Molly and Ben's
18) Favorite restaurant? Pizza Hut
19) Favorite toy? My bicycle
20) Favorite thing to do with Anna? Play

20.5) Favorite thing to do with JJ? Play
21) Favorite drink? Duice
22) Favorite thing to do at school? Play
23) Favorite thing to do outside? Play
24) What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom! (Mommy loves to hear this!)
25) What can you do now that you are 4? Sing a song (Twinkle Twinkle)
26) Who is your best friend? Molly
27) What is mom's job? To clean up
28) What is dad's job? To clean the laundry
29) What does mom always say? I can't say that one.
30) What does dad always say? Moon
31) What is your nickname? You gotta sink about it. (?)
32) What makes you laugh? To do a soke (joke)
33) What makes you sad? If we hurwt me.
34) What are you thankful for? God
35) What does mom love about you? Mine harwdt , Yea because our harwdts is important. (You are exactly right, my dear!)

Then I asked if she had questions for me:
Shakes her head.

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