Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Littly Lily

You alrady know how to use your eyes, which is a little scary.
Cute thigns you say:
The fact that you say Desinitley all the time (Definitely)
Sweekwet (Secret)
Youkickorn (Unicorn)

You are so patient but so dramatic at the same time.

We have tried (not as hard as we should) top break you of your thumb.  Most of the time you will go along with it and “hide your thumb” when we ask you to but there are times when you just glare and turn away and keep on going.  We don’t push it becasuse, well, if you need it that badly, you really need it.  You are dealing with an emotion right now that takes some help and that is okay. 

You are still in your head all the time and you could make a 20 minute adventure using two paper clips.

You still talk about your “honey” who is your imaginary friend.  Out of nowhere, you’ll say where she is sitting or get concerned that you left her at home.  You don’t tell stories about her insomuch as you make us aware of her presence. 

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