Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lily is so Morbid!!!

Here's what her beloved babysitter, Miss Kim, wrote today on Facebook:
"I babysat again today, and the beautiful looking four your old girl, big blue eyes, long eyelashes, pink poofy lips and yelllow blonde hair made me a "card" with some squiggles on it. She read it to me -- "I love you so much. I love you so much I will even love you when you are too too old and dead." 

She's talks about pretty morbid things frequently as if they are no big deal... which at her age and understanding, they're not!

More cute things (Other than nearly everything that comes out of her mouth):
-Spunting = Something
-Slushsdoitulkdnflks = Frustrating.  How she says it isn't even intelligible and you have to figure it out using context but it's darn stinkin' cute!

She still talks about her "honey" (invisible friend) all the time. Sadly, "Honey's" parents are apparently deceased.  More Lily morbidness!  She has several moribd explanations for how that came about!

wink emoticonShe

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