Sunday, August 31, 2008


That's what Anna is... at least according to her parents, and pretty much everyone who meets her.

At dinner tonight, basking in her cuteness, we decided that we HAD to make a list of all the cute things she does.

-Claps - often
-Waves to practically everyone. (She charmed the whole long waiting list at Chipotle Restaurant with her waves.)
-Giggles and laughs
-LOVES "This Little Piggy" and other games like that.
-Does a little "High Chair Boogie"
-Dances (by bending her knees)
-Give Daddy good pats on the arm and head
-LOVES her kitties despite their constant rejection.
-Blows messy raspberries.
-Give GREAT BIG open mouthed kisses.
-Clicks her tongue on the roof of her mouth and gets kick out of you repeating it.
-Claps to music.
-Can do "Are you Happy and you Know it..." (OK, maybe only the clapping part, but still.)
-Plays with her hair while she nurses.
-Plays Peekaboo.
-Loves to bang stuff (especially stuff that makes loud noises.)
-Sings and hums. Not in tune or in any melody, but it's still the most beautiful sound on earth.
-Has to look out each window in her bedroom when she wakes up to say hi to the yard and trees.
-Gives kisses through her crib bars.
-SLEPT TEN HOURS Last night! (Oh yes... in a row....)

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