Monday, May 18, 2009

Local Woman Torches Yard

Local Woman Torches Yard
From the Jefferson City Press.

Emergency crews responded to the 1100 block of Peyton Dr. earlier today after neighbors reportedly sighted a yard on fire. One neighbor was quoted as saying, "Darndest thing I ever saw! I always thought she was a little wacky." The man was referring to his 29 year-old neighbor who allegedly poured gasoline on her flower beds and set them on fire.

When interviewed, the resident stammered, "Flower beds... too many... no mulch... asked for mulch.... no mulch..." as she stood -twitching- in her blackened Kermit the Frog PJ's. The motive for the fire is not yet clear.

Police are still looking for the woman's 18 month-old daughter, who a neighbor spotted walking away from the house wearing a baseball cap and dark sunglasses muttering, "I'm outta here." Police are asking residents to call with any information regarding the girl.

A thorough investigation will follow this incident, especially to clear up the big question: why would a grown woman wear Kermit the Frog PJ's.

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  1. The big answer: Because Kermit the Frog ROCKS and anyone wearing Kermit the Frog pj's is a total pimp.