Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth!!!

We had an absolutely wonderful fourth of July. The fam came to Jefferson City (eliminating the need for us to come to THEM but carrying on the Sides family tradition of bringing WAY too many cars - four total.)

We lounged around on Friday visiting and working on our "float" for the parade the next morning. Then we headed over to Tom and Becky's for some good eats and some serious snap n' pop stompin! Sophie, Michelle, and Clive came for the fun. We hung out until the neighbor's big fireworks display started around 9pm. The most exciting part of the evening was the two ridiculously dangerous "lantern" fireworks and Russell's homemade "sparkler bomb". The bomb part pretty much desribes how it turned out. For future reference, if Russell ever says, "I made it myself!", don't eat it OR light it! Anna conked out shortly after 9:30 (da da duuuum) AT Tom and Becky's where we left her so she could wake up with her cousins Ben and Molly.

We woke up the next day and headed over to Sophie and Michelle's neighborhood where they shut the street down for a little parade. It was so much fun! A "good guy" (cop) led the parade with his lights on and Russell's jeep headed up the rear blasting patriotic music from a boom box sitting on the roof! I think there should've been a prize for best float because we would've nailed it!

Here are some pics:

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  1. haha -- 4 cars, that's hilarious! Cute pictures, and really cute the way they play a slideshow all on their own :) see ya soon!!!