Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok so we're good parents. The house is baby-proofed. Anna watches maybe an hour of TV PER WEEK and it's always her precious Cinderella. She eats a well-balanced diet and is at a good weight and is off the charts developmentally in all things.

So you'll forgive my Crazy Mom Moment when I hear this on the answering maching this morning, "Your daughter's lead level is slightly elevated and we need you to get an venous draw as soon as possible."


I called, trying to hide the fear and disbelief in my voice and asked, "What, exactly, do you mean my elevated?"

We're talking a 17!!!!

So, after an epsiode of tears from both Curt and I (give us a break, we're first time parents) and after I saw all Anna's hopes of college going down the toilet in a wash of ADHD and behavior problems, I came to my senses and realized HOW OFTEN these tests show false positives. Not to mention that all we have to do is remove the offending lead from her precious baby world if it is still elevated and the problem may go away.

I ignored my churning stomach and the fear of another unsuccessful blood draw (see THIS blog entry for that sad tale) and geared up for another trip.

One giant sucker,
One successful blood draw from a very wonderful flabotomist (sp?),
One short debate between Curt and I on the chemical abbreviation for lead (Curt was right, as usual)
And one big ice cream cone finished off almost entirely by Anna (including the cone - her favorite part)
And we are awaiting the results.

Cross your fingers.

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