Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anna was it worth it?.....

We got home after a tiring night at Granny and Grandpa's and put you to bed early (6:30) to make up for the fact that you napped 25 minutes TOTAL (all. in. the. car.).

So was it worth it when I went back in to check on you when I still hear you playing in your crib 30 minutes later? Even knowing that going in might reinforce you stayinng awake?


Because you struggled to stand up in your little sleep sac to get to me. Because when I picked you up to nuzzle you, you let me kiss you. Because when you wanted to be rough in your little baby intensity you put your hands on my cheeks and said "bite mommy?" and proceeded to give me big fishy kisses on my cheek. Because you then put your little baby hands on my neck and said, over and over, "Mommy lick up" and pointed my face to the ceiling to "look" up, and "lick douwn" and pointed my head down, over and over in your cute little voice.

Was it worth it?
All those sleepness nights? All the Mommy-of-a-Toddler daily frustration? All the giving and giving and giving?


All of it. All the sickness and growing and tiring and birthing and bleeding and feeding and not sleeping and the growing and changing in perception and proportion and portion.

All of it.

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  1. Good story! She passed out the night before. I can't believe she was able to stay up at all!