Sunday, March 21, 2010

Molly and Ben's Visit for the Weekend!

We were so lucky to have Molly and Ben come for the WHOLE weekend.
They got here early on Friday and we had tons of fun while the weather was nice pretending to camp, playing on Anna's new swing set, and generally running amok. We also tasted the delights of the famous Central Dairy (for ice cream) and spent some time at Riverside Park.

On Saturday, the weather was nasty as promised. We spent quality time at home having dance parties and book reading marathons. We also enjoyed RiRi's borrowed "mom car" (a 2008 Ford Freestyle/Tarus....ahem....because you were all wondering...) and it took all 6 of us easily out to Leap Frog to do some bouncing and in Anna's case some moments of feared drowning in the ball pit: "AHHHHHHHH" (screaming as she disappears beneath the balls and later yelling, "Ders too many people in here! Ders too many people in heeeeerrreee!" as Molly and Ben attempted to climb in with her in the otherwise empty ball pit). Then we ate some yummy El Jimador with Stacy Turpin and visited late into the evening!

Today was filled with more general running amok. During the ladies (and Curt's) nap Riri and Ben got some special time together at Binder Lake (throwing rocks in the water. Throwing every stick we saw into the water. Throwing rocks AT the sticks. Throwing leaves - pretend boats - in the water. Throwing rocks at the leaves.) Then, he and I headed to the library to thaw out.

We are so sad to lose our favorite company but hope you enjoy the collection of pictures:

Molly and Ben Visit

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  1. wow, for some reason anna looks so much OLDER in these pictures! maybe it's the longer hair/bang combo :) looks like you had a blost!