Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing: Anna the FISH!!!

It is official! Today Anna swan for the first time...unassisted. Underwater!
She went back and forth between "Miss Kim", Michelle and myself over and over. It was amazing. The pictures don't capture the full extent of her awesome swimming!

And after she popped back out of the water she showed her true Anna colors by shouting (each time):
"It's MAGICAL!!"

I was so proud! She was so close to just getting it for weeks and it finally clicked!

We had so much fun with her testing her new skills and me protecting my belly from enthusiastic but oblivious swimmers-by.
God bless summer!

Here's a note from Miss Kim when she emailed me the pictures since as always, she was the documentarian of the bunch. I thought it was too cute not to include:

Hi Maria,

I’m grateful I got to be there in this momentous time when Anna

first swam. It was, to use Anna’s term…”magical!”

love and peace,


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