Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Hearts Melt

When hearts melt,
Its because princesses wearing their "married dwess" (the same dress she has been wearing since 18 months that is now worn at least a few minutes each day)
ask me to come to the ball with them.

Of course I accepted the invitation.

She then made me a"pwetend" purse. This included the appropriate swiveling hand motions in mid-air that aid in the making of pretend purses.

She then drove me to the ball in her "pwetend" carriage. (It was nice not having to drive for once.)

She then proceeded to teach me to dance:
"No mommy. Don't hold your dwess wif two hands. Hold it wif one hand and put your udder hand on the pwince's back! Like dis!"

Then her budding curiosity led her to ask, "Mommy, what's your pwince's name?"
Hers: "Pwince Phillip Pwince" (A lovely name)
Enjoy the pics:

After I turned on the FAST music!

Serious fast dancing requires eyes closed and head nodding!

Showing the proper dance position!

She had to take a picture too! Not a bad shot for a newbie!

Mommy's version of serious fast dancing! Oh yea!

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  1. Oh good lord...LOVE the fast dance face!