Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Second Birthday, Elizabeth!

A big Happy Birthday to my big Two Year-Old!

Elizabeth's Accomplishments:
She finally decided that talking is worth the fuss.  She sounds like most adorable two year-olds with her little words and at times 2 and 3 word sentences.  But there are a few baffling big words she uses:
"Dabadees": Batteries
"Dippidy": Serendipity

At two she went from saying her name is "ME!!!!" to finally admitting her name is Lily ("Liylee").  However, if you ask her name she will still say the former but if she insists something is hers or it's her turn, she'll gladly use her name!


Look at my beautiful hat!
(Thanks, Aunt KG!)

She had lots of help opening presents...


Enjoy the videos! Sorry for the choppiness (we're working on that!)

And here is is enjoying grandma's famous chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday to Lily!

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