Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

I wanted to share an email from the world's best babysitter.

Hi Maria,

Anna did several sweet, thoughtful big sister things on Monday.

When Lillybeth kept saying more about her water bottle,
and I was dumping some out and refilling it, etc., not
understanding what she wanted – Anna told her
to tip the cup up (and that was the answer)! 
And Anna reminded her later too.

Anna said she was going to wait to smash the water balloons till Lilly was awake because
she’d like it too.   

Lilly got the last hardboiled egg and Anna wanted some, so I cooked some more.
Anna said she’d “crack” Lillly’s too for her and did.    

Anna invited Lillybeth up with us on the EZ chair.
I loved it!  Read five of your books from childhood – wonderful
books…with the girls…and Cricket too for part of the time.

At one point Anna had gotten off the EZ chair and Lilly was sitting
next to me, when Anna wanted back up Anna problem solved,
“Lilly, let’s change places.”

I told Anna, while the three of us were reading your books, something like “this is really nice with you guys”
and she gave me the sweetest smile.  I love those precious daughters of yours!       

Love and peace,

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